Water Treatment

Optimal solutions for clean water

Clean water is not only needed for human consumption, but is necessary for agriculture, food processing, livestock and tourism. Since Hungary joined the EU, water standards are now regulated, having become stricter than before: drinking water standards regarding Arsenic, Boron, Fluoride, nitrate, ammonium were significantly lower. This also shows that water treatment should be handled in a complex way. For example, it is necessary to assess if a given issue can be solved without new water treatment technology. In cases wherein that is not an option, an optimal solution should be selected after exact analysis of water quality parameters and capacities. Aquaprofit Co. aims to install automatic control systems, environmental friendly solutions with low operation costs, in compliance with regulations.

Services include all engineering, planning, design and implementation (including construction) tasks, as follows:

  • Complex planning and construction/rehabilitation of water supply systems and mapping of development needs
  • Pre - and detailed feasibility studies
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Legal water, environmental and construction permits and implementation plans
  • Financial planning and tender documentation if needed
  • Complex drinking water implementation project planning
  • Operations and maintenance