Tourism Development Strategies

Hotel & Accommodation

The key to a successful tourism development project is the existence of accommodation both in the case of smaller medical facilities or bigger, spa complexes which are capable of hosting several thousand visitors. Preliminarily, Aquaprofit Co. provides services to its costumers connected to preparation, planning and construction of hotel development projects.  After exploring possibilities, we provide development concepts and help to find the optimal hotel size and profile, which ensures sustainability and profitability. We have been successful in seeking investors and operators, just as we have been in finding financial means. In recent years we have participated in several successful projects both in Hungary and abroad. We acquired investors; for example, the Park Inn Hotel in Sárvár, and our complex audit of the Budapest Ramada Resort Aquaworld, which helped to improve profitability. 

Aquaprofit Co. can produce fully comprehensive market analysis, competition assessment, positioning, design, price, as well as marketing and communication strategy.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of hotel and accommodation projects, planning with complex development concepts, feasibility studies and business plans
  • Financial resource planning
  • Investment portfolio and investor mediation
  • Construction
  • Existing facility screening and rationalisation

Health Tourism Facilities

Aquaprofit Co. provides professional investment advice to thermal and medical baths, health resorts and theme parks for developing their service portfolio, consultancy that also includes the development of business and financing management plans.

Aquaprofit Co. has experience and state-of-art knowledge in health tourism facility development and can offer reliable and complex services to the benefit and satisfaction of its clients.
Its references include thermal water resources surveys and business support to the spas and health resorts of particular importance.

Theme Parks

Development of thematic facilities aims to provide strategic development concepts for organisations and institutions. For example zoos, ecoparks, national parks, adventure parks and castles. Sustainable development concepts allow owners and managers to operate their facilities to protect natural and cultural heritage, but still ensure business growth and customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve the aforementioned aims, Aquaprofit Co. provides consultancy services in land use and development, feasibility studies, marketing plans and decision support. Development strategies allow the determination and detection of the most suitable financing sources (financial instruments, grants, tenders, etc.).

Our main reference:

  • Development of Budapest Zoo