Spa Development

Sustainable spas from planning to construction

Our water resources are not only our blue treasure, but can be the key to the development of a region. But only if development plans are in line with the sustainability and environmental aspects and the 21st century development needs. This is the only guarantee that, after years of operation, a spa complex is still beneficial to locals and can be operated in a profitable and sustainable manner. If this is not the case, the municipality need to search out other development opportunities.

The company has vast experience in spa development, including tasks, such as primary research, development concept, visual planning, compilation of spa service portfolio and technical designs, including energy system designs (e.g. heat recovery). About 60 spas in Hungary were developed based on our services (strategic and development plans, design, implementation, operational consultancies). Due to our years of experience, the spas we designed can be operated and maintained easily and cost effectively.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Service designs, construction, financial and operational plans, including complex tasks (incl. civil engineering, hydraulic engineering design and licensing functions),
  • Financial concepts and preparation of tender documentation,
  • Construction.

Main references include the following well known Hungarian spas: