Local Development

Presently, the rising unemployment rate is an issue in several municipalities, just like migrating youth and deteriorating living conditions. Development of such areas should be exercised with caution. Problems, opportunities, and local conditions need to be carefully assessed in detail, then plans need to be prepared which, besides taking into account environmental aspects, ensure long term sustainability and integral development, in line with the needs of the local population.  The cornerstone of such developments are usually connected to water or related economic activity, often to tourism, which also means that several other fields need to cooperate, and the fine tuning of these changes is necessary for success. Aquaprofit Co. has unique and vast experience in all these areas.

Urban Development Strategies contain objective criteria and comprehensive plans for urban development programmes. Aquaprofit Co. can ensure an integrated approach, contributing to project development and plans. When preparing strategies, our experts prefer participative methods (involvement of local inhabitants, local governments, business and NGO's) for strengthening local support of future projects.