New Innovation of Aquaprofit

On Budapest Water Summit 2016 Aquaprofit Co. presented an innovative and sustainable water solution called

Intelligent Water Aid Technology (IWAT) is a Hungarian innovation for safe drinking water supply in areas where there is no water infrastructure or places even without electricity. The only input required is raw water.

AQUAPROFIT Engineering, Consulting and Investment Ltd as one of the exhibitors of The Sustainable Water Solutions Expo have prepared a large booth to present IWAT. The prototype of IWAT was displayed at Millenáris Park.

IWAT provides:

  • Modular water purification technology designed to the raw water contaminants
  • Easy-to-use operation due to the intelligent remote control and monitoring system
  • Independent energy-supply based on solar panels and green batteries
  • Lower carbon footprint due to sustainable solar energy
  • Complex solution meeting social, communication and healthcare needs
  • Easy transportation and deployment
  • Expandable modular container system (tailor-made to local needs)

Multifunction equipment – complex solution

Besides supplying clean water, in addition the integrated container units can provide services to meet social communication and healthcare needs. IWAT has environmental and social benefit contributing to the solution of the water management challenges worldwide.

Locations to adapt IWAT

IWAT is a sustainable solution for supplying safe drinking water in regions where lack of clean water generating climate-induced migration as well as in disaster stricken areas or in refugee camps.

Because clean water is basic human right.

Please watch our 3D video of IWAT:

If you are interested and would like to read more about IWAT please download our brochure. For further information please contact us: