Water Supply Systems

Aquaprofit Co. is the market leader in the field of drinking water quality improvement in Hungary. Between 2013-2015 Aquaprofit Co. has begun implementation on projects in more than 100 Hungarian settlements in the North and South Great Plain. Based on these projects, Aquaprofit Co. has cultivated expertise, enabling the company to execute complex tasks involving water supply and related water treatment. In such projects it is often necessary to drill new wells, to lay down new pipelines, choose and implement the most effective treatment technology, and build treatment facilities. Often this is complemented by the refurbishment of the water supply system and backwashing. Without experience, the project can fail in several points, leaving the client at a severe loss.

Services include all engineering, planning, design and implementation tasks (including construction), as follows:

  • Drinking water quality analysis, evaluation
  • Complex planning and construction/rehabilitation of water supply systems (including wells, buildings, water retention ponds, treatment technologies and control panels)
  • Complex screening of water work infrastructure
  • Mapping of development needs
  • Mapping financial sources for implementation
  • Social and environmental impact assessments, feasibility studies, CBA
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments