Chinese Relations

In Shenzhen city in Guangdong Province of South-China we have established close relationship with the Environmental Association and with SHENZHEN DEEP ECOLOGY ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGY CO. Ltd., one of the city's environmental protection enterprises. We have opened a cooperative branch office in Shenzhen, in order to strengthen our presence in the Chinese market and to flexibly manage our projects on the spot.

Aquaprofit is active in the following environmental protection and water management fields in China:

  • providing expertise and project consulting in the water industry (e.g. mineral water, drinking water, groundwater, rivers, lakes, geothermic energy, thermal water, rehabilitation and water utilization)
  • working out special technologies for wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, drinking water treatment and purification (water softening, arsenic and ammonia removal), heavy metal removal from industrial water
  • effective purification of polluted soils and groundwater
  • We also participate in rural development projects related to the development of tourism, and we are looking for more partners on this field.