Book of Mineral Waters

The first Hungarian guide to mineral waters

Mineral water has become today's most popular beverage in Hungary. Despite of this, no publication has been born yet to guide consumers among the abundant choices.

Tamás Nádasi and Péter Udud, owners of Aquaprofit Co. and engaged in the water industry, undertook this task. Owners of a mineral water collection that exceeds 3000 types and derived from over 100 countries, answer interesting questions in their book, such as:

  • How does mineral water come into being?
  • What is the difference between mineral-, spring-, drinking-and soda-waters?
  • How have consumption patterns changed over the last five decades?
  • What changes has packaging gone through?

Advice is given to those who are looking for products that contain much higher or lower concentrations of magnesium or calcium than average, wish to avoid high sodium content or buy water for a baby.

Last but not least, the book collects and classifies natural mineral-, spring- and medicinal waters available in Hungary and guides readers among the most popular import waters, originating from different parts of the world.